Apply here!

We will contact you through either Discord, Bnet or Ingame, so make sure you type it in correctly. You will not receive an answer until we have read your application, whether you are accepted as a main raider, or only as a social member will be discussed once we add you.


We do prefer getting good players over good classes, although at the same time we wont be going with 10 warriors and 5 rets for example - we do want a fairly well optimized raid group for our main raid, atleast until the content is on farm. A standard raid composition - which we will strive towards, looks something like this.

It highly depends, casual and friendly members are always welcome, but if you want to be in the main raiding team, you will need to adhere to some sort of standards - such as bringing consumables, reading up on the fights, having the correct talent build and so on.

Raid times are Thursday and Friday from 19-22 CEST. This can change, depending on how far into progression we are, and whether a majority of the raid team wants different raid times.